I was overweight for most of my adult life and at some stages, obese. My health was in a bad state and I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes or face disaster. I always enjoyed exercise at school and I played squash in my younger, fitter days. I knew I needed to go back to exercise, but I was too ashamed of how people would react when an obese woman walked into a gym with exercise clothes on!

I followed a healthy eating plan during 2007 and I lost almost 30 kilograms. I was still overweight but I could at least move, and my self-confidence was much better. In 2008 I knew I wanted to start exercising but was not sure how. My sister, who lives in Australia, told me that there were gyms out there for ladies only.

I decided to join Curves Meyersdal in April 2008 and that was one of the best choices of my life! I loved everything about Curves, the 30 minute workouts suited my busy life and the personal attention and support I received from the staff was just amazing! My starting weight was just over 100 kilograms. I worked very hard on the circuit and relished every moment of this journey. I lost over 10 kilograms in the first year, but soon after I fell back into bad eating habits and gradually picked up all the weight again. I thought I could eat what I wanted because I exercised at least 3 times a week!

In July 2015 I realised that exercise alone was not good enough for me to reach a healthy weight and started a healthy eating plan once again and the kilograms just melted away. Where I before dreaded any form of High Intensity classes, they are now the highlight of my week. I lost close to 30 kilograms this time and love everything about the new me! I love shopping for clothes now and wear tight fitting pants and tops. I love the feeling of being slim, fit and happy. I also started to do different races & walking over weekends with my husband.

On the 07th April 2018 it was 10 years since I first joined Curves Meyersdal and I still love every session. I have met the most amazing people at Curves and some are now very close to my heart. I love the energy and support when I go for a workout. I feel like a million dollars and the compliments from my friends and the learners at school are an added bonus!

I am a born educator and I know my purpose in life is to change lives by being a motivator as well as an example.

Now my healthy and balanced lifestyle could also serve as motivation to help sculpturing the young ladies at my school to be well-rounded young women leaders.

A BIG thank you to the Curves Meyersdal team!