I am Amazed at the changes my body has gone through since I joined Curves. I joined Curves in September 2016, as a lethargic, stressed mom of three children under the age of 12. My goal was to become more energized, less stressed, more flexible and of course to firm and tone.

I quickly realised that in order to reach these goals, I would have to MAKE time for myself and be more disciplined to use the gap whenever it arises to fit in a workout. I have now managed to manage my stress better, I am so much more flexible and energised, and of course the added bonus is that now I am toned. I can honestly say I am now almost where I was before three pregnancies.

Yes, of course there are some days when I am lazy and would rather relax at home than go for a workout, but on those days I think of my results and realize that the 30 minutes that it takes out of my day to do a workout is so much more rewarding! We have a saying in our Curves club: when you think of giving up, remember why you started! The hard work, discipline and dedication definitely pays off!